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Glimpses of Valentine's Evening

My Magazine 2023/02
2 min
The day of love and evening of romantic ambience. This year's Valentine's spoiled with special day menus and offers from many restaurants in The Gambia. We spent it in beautiful Coco Ocean, Buddha Restaurant of Ocean Bay and Tamala Beach Resort. We share some glimpses with you.

Tamala Beach Resort

Tamala Beach Resort—one of the most well-known hotels in The Gambia—is famous for the amazing events it organises for its visitors. Like every other year, Tamala organised Valentine's day evening, a delightful occasion for loved ones, couples and friends to share their love and affection. A sumptuous dinner in the form of a buffet with unlimited food, delicious starters, BBQ with different sauces as the main course and delicious side dishes were amazing. A heart-shaped cake desert placed amongst other sweet delicacies represented the significance of the night. Gentle live band music and the famous Miss Jobiz, with her melodious voice, accompanied the dinner. The pleasant evening became vibrant as couples and friends danced the night away.




Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Coco Ocean Resort & Spa has a genuine romantic feel, even without additional decoration. It has always been a place where the intimate evening ambience invites couples to enjoy delicious dinners in the embrace of dimmed light and dazzling water. With a set Valentine’s menu of two choices, per course and love-coloured details on the outdoor setting around the pool area of Safran Restaurant, Coco Ocean again created an intimate aura for lovers and friends who decided to celebrate the evening together. The gentle breeze helped carry the enchanting melodies of Ansumana's kora throughout the terrace as night gave might to the candle lights on the tables.





Buddha Restaurant, Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort

Ocean Bay's Buddha restaurant is one of a kind, from the decoration to the atmosphere of the place. The restaurant is located near the beachside. It has a calm ambience created with dimmed light and gentle music—the spot is just a perfect choice for romantic dates. It's a place to have the utmost privacy and enjoy yourself thoroughly with the selection of the finest dishes of Asian cuisine. The restaurant boasts red, and on Valentine's Day, it was specially decorated for the event, from table decoration to the special Valentine's menu. All to make the place even more romantic. If you are looking for a restaurant to have a romantic date with a loved one, we suggest you visit The Buddha Restaurant at Cape Point to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.



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