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Yoga Bliss Gambia: Setting Your Intentions

My Magazine 2023/02
5 min
Author: Melissa Kuwahata Daswani
As we approached the end of 2022 and the start of a new year in 2023, many of you may have reflected on the previous year and set new goals and milestones for this new year. Setting goals and milestones are great motivators that can help you to keep going during the rough and tough times, or even when you feel like you are getting sidetracked. It allows you to maintain your focus on your goal.

When we take this concept and apply it within our yoga practice, they are referred to as ‘’intentions’’. In order to choose your intention, you have to tune into your intuition and become more aware of your inner desires, which are required for you to reach a more balanced state. This may mean that you must work against your resistances and habits and, sometimes, what your mind perceives.  

As we evolve with our experiences and our situations change, we may need to adjust our intentions from time to time. Empowering yourself is the entire process of contemplating your intention and putting in your internal work to align with that intention.

If we are new to setting “intentions’’ for ourselves, it may feel challenging. Here are some power words that can help you tap into your inner desire that can encourage you to transform your inner self.

Abundance: Be expansive, don’t self-limit, and have reverence for life

Action: take inspired action, and avoid procrastination 

Authenticity: be who you are, find your voice, connect to your true self, acknowledge your shortcomings 

Balance: revalue your priorities in life, allocate enough time for wellness, and restore inner and outer balance 

Be: focus more on ‘being’ than doing.  

Clarity: have insight and see the big picture in situations

Courage: live your dreams, be bold, take risks, go on adventures, and master the courage to do things differently

Creativity: make mind space for imagination, play and possibilities

Equanimity: practice non-attachment and avoid reacting impulsively

Gratitude: practice gratitude, feel blessed and thankful for all that you have, practice giving

Harmony: love the moment, have peace of mind, practice mindfulness

Health: practice mindfulness eating, make healthy food choices, exercise, and stay mentally healthy

Joy: live it up, celebrate, and live now; happiness is key to success. Choose to be happy, whatever the situation is

Laughter: laughter is the best medicine; look at each situation with humour, avoid taking things too seriously, and have fun.

Love: practice unconditional love for yourself and others

Possibility: open to receiving, practice non-judgment, try new experiences

Power: let go of fears, step up, take charge

Presence: give quality attention to the moment, practice mindfulness and meditation

Responsibility: commit to inner change, less blame on others, conscious living

Share: give back to society, practice loving kindness, and help those in need

Space: make space, declutter, make space in your mind by reducing TV, computer and phone usage, meditate

Spirituality: adopt good values, live consciously, be mindful of ego, take wise actions, have reverence for life

Wellness: make time for relaxation, destress, release negative emotions, and let go of excess emotional baggage

Apart from setting an overall long-term intention, you can also make ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ intentions that may be helpful to make it through a fruitful day or week. Apart from your regular routine, habits, and actions, what else can you do that fulfils your intentions? To contemplate achieving your intentions is work that allows you to get closer to your inner self. The important thing is to keep trying.  

Just as new year resolutions are not easy to upkeep, intentions also require some self-discipline to achieve what you really need. Making smaller steps to achieve your intentions are a great way to keep you motivated. 

Your intentions are there for you, to improve your self-being and your consciousness.


Melissa Kuwahata Daswani
Founder, Yoga Bliss Gambia and Yoga Bliss Creations
Melissa Daswani is a professional yoga teacher trained and accredited in Hatha Yoga from Rishikesh, India. She was introduced to yoga in the early adolesce by her mother who often practised yoga at their home and still continues to practice to date.
Melissa started to indulge in yoga with a keen interest in her 20’s after researching the benefits of practising yoga.
In order to expand her knowledge and practice, she initially enrolled on official training in India during 2009. Her initial stint in yoga teaching began in 2012 in Togo, followed by expanding in the Gambia from 2016. Melissa’s style of teaching incorporates the fundamental and crucial steps of yoga called Hatha yoga, which encompasses the basis of all other styles of yoga. Melissa believes that every individual has something to gain from Yoga which is not limited to mental, physical or spiritual.
Yoga is not a religion but more a spiritual exercise as well as a practice that can universally be incorporated into your daily routine. Melissa offers regular weekly classes in Fajara, the Gambia, which is open to all levels.
She also runs a weekly beach yoga class which is very refreshing and energizing.
It’s her love and dedication towards teaching which allows her the opportunity to share the essence of yoga and its benefits to people from all walks of life.
Whether you reside in the Gambia or are a visitor in The Gambia, Yoga Bliss Gambia would love to welcome you to their next class.

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