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Behind the Lens: Galloya Cultural Festival

My Magazine 2023/02
3 min
My Gambia Team was honoured to be a part of the first edition of the Galloya Cultural Festival - a traditional and cultural event in the village of Galloya, located a few miles after The Banjul international airport.

The festival aims to showcase the cultures of the different ethnic groups that live in the village and surrounding areas. Although Jolas predominately populates Galloya, we also enjoyed performances by Mandinka, Fula, Wollof, and Manjago. 

The Jolas showcased their use of sharp knives to cut themselves without getting hurt or even having a scratch on their bodies. They also invited a kumpo, their traditional masquerade, to dance with them. 

The Mandinkas showcased how a Mandinka bride looks after being decked up with their traditional attires and how they sing and dance whilst accompanying the bride. 

The same tradition was showcased by Fulas, of course, with traditional attires of their tribe, accompanied by singing and dancing in their language. 

The Wollof group was accompanied by Zimba, their traditional masquerade, dancing on the drumbeats of their typical Wolof sabar riddle. 

Last but not least, the Manjagos, in their traditional apparel, danced together with the same style and movement of a specific Manjago melody. 

The festival ended with a performance by a reggae artist from Galloya.

Enjoy the glimpses from Galloya and follow My Gambia Events to be informed about the cultural festivals in The Gambia. 

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