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The Gunjurian Women Managing 200 Garden Beds

My Magazine 2023/02
6 min
We had an interesting interview with Lamin Touray, who manages Gunjur Women's Garden project. This amazing project is run by a foundation from Netherlands. The aim is to create jobs for the youth, elderly women and their kids.

So far, there are 3 main areas of operation: skills centre, gardens, and poultry farm. In the skills centre, they are currently training 15 young girls to become professional tailors so they can make their own income and help to support their families. For the skilled tailors, they have a credit program which enables them to buy sewing machines over a period of 6 months.

In order to sustain the project, they sale the clothes made. They are also planning to open a small shop where they can display their beautiful products. Tailoring training centre is also working hand in hand with garden women who will use their tailoring services for traditional dresses.

There are 210 women involved In the garden project. Women must pay GMD75 (approx. 1,33€) to get started with the garden project. After that, they receive a plot of land, about 8 beds, for a lifetime. The area of 3 hectares is divided into many plots. A yearly fee of GMD 100 (approx. 1,80€) is payable, which they use for maintenance and watchman.

Lamin is looking for customers so women can sell their products to local vendors. They are resale vegetables and fruits at Sukuta, Brikama, Serrekunda or Bakau market.

There are only 2 men involved in the project. They are targeting women but men are also welcome. He thinks men are more interested in other jobs.

“Sustainability is our main target.”

How to sustain the whole project is Lamin’s everyday thinking. They plan to become completely self-sufficient in 5 years. His only fear is that if he is not there, the project may not continue as running such a project requires hard work, persistence and a positive mind.

Volunteers are very welcome to join the project. If you want to get involved, you can contact them directly or get in touch with us.

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