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Attend an Elegant Auction Dinner for a Good Cause

My Magazine 2023/02
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The UP Foundation, short for Unity is Power Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded by Doreen Dia, Nadine Bowling, and Azaria Rowlands. These three individuals share a common vision and passion for creating positive change in their community. To achieve this, they formed the foundation to encourage the community to come together as one and learn that there is strength in numbers. Their mission is to unite the community and pave the way out of poverty for this generation and the next

The UP Foundation hopes to make a significant impact in various areas, including but not limited to, improving the quality of water sources and food supplies, providing platforms for local and overlooked talents to showcase their work, and educating and training on different skills to improve development, grooming, and daily life tasks.

To introduce the foundation to the public, the organization will host a charity auction gala on March 17th, 2023. The event will feature prizes, products, and services from many local businesses and supporters, as well as raffle hamper prizes, a mini EID inspired fashion show, vendor stalls with various products, henna tattoos, photo booths, and food and drink options. This will be a women-only event that promises an elegant and fun-filled evening, all for a great cause.

Throughout the night, donations will be welcomed through cash or bank transfer, and all proceeds raised will go towards improving medical supplies and staff training at Kanifing General Hospital. Additionally, a small portion of the proceeds will go towards iftar distribution this Ramadan.

The UP Foundation invites everyone to join them in introducing Gambia's first women-only live bidding auction. For any questions or concerns, interested individuals may contact the organization through the numbers provided on the flyer. The UP Foundation thanks everyone in advance and looks forward to their participation in this meaningful event.

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