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Banjul Craft Market

My Magazine 2023/02
2 min
Banjul's Craft Market, located at the Royal Albert Market, is the oldest bazaar of its kind in the Gambia. Handwoven baskets, colourful batik and tie-and-dye fabric, carefully crafted wood sculptures, traditional Djembe drums and beautiful jewellery made by talented silversmiths are just some of the unique treasures you can find nestled in its 150 stalls.

Consciously crafted items are always of high quality, as the artisans pour their heart and soul into their work. The vendors at the market will be sure to make you feel at home in the midst of their impressive collections of handmade artefacts.

The Banjul Craft market is just next to the lovely secluded beach of Banjul. After an exciting shopping trip with many new impressions, take some time to wind down and relax on the shore or cool off in the lovely Atlantic ocean.

A trip to Banjul Craft Market will surely excite the whole family, and everyone will find a beautiful souvenir to take home.

Combine a visit to the craft market with a day trip to one of the smallest capitals in the world! Our starting point for this trip is Bakau. Click the button below for more info. 


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