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Tamala Breakfast Extravaganza

My Magazine 2023/02
10 min
Okay, so we all have heard of fantastic Sunday brunches with more dishes than you could possibly try on the same day! Then you have the dinner buffets, which are equally fit for royalty. But have you heard of lavish breakfast spreads? Not many places do them for reasons best known to them. However, Tamala Beach Resort likes to do things a bit differently!

When you see Tamala's amazing breakfast options, the age-old proverb "Eat breakfast like a king" immediately comes to mind. This was possibly why our parents and the generations before them were so much healthier than us - because they started the day with the right food.

These days, we only have time to make or eat a proper breakfast, maybe on Sundays! During the week, breakfast is anything from a quick mug of coffee/tea to cereal before we make a quick dash for the door! But seeing Tamala's array of breakfast dishes seeks to remind us that we need to slow down instead of running around trying to catch our tails! Therein lies the secret of eternal youth!

Tamala offers you hot breakfasts as well as cold ones! Three live cooking stations specialise in omelettes of your choice, bacon and the daily international speciality.

For Lebanese foodaholics, fresh delicacies are prepared by their chef from Lebanon. 

Their in-house patisserie gives you a choice of around sixteen varieties of bread. A haven for carb lovers! 

For people who caffeine themselves every morning and hope for the best, there are two new percolators with five different flavours of coffee. Not exactly Starbucks, but it's still a good choice, don't you think?

There's, of course, a cascade of fresh fruit juices - breakfast wouldn't be complete without it! 

Tamala believes in being dynamic - hence they have a different breakfast buffet every single day of the week. So if you were to go on the same day of the week for two consecutive weeks, you would find different varieties of food in their buffet. 

Guests have the option of indoor seating, and those who don't do well in closed spaces can dine on the verandah with fresh air and the beautiful view of the shimmering pool waters to keep them company. 

The great news is that this amazing breakfast buffet is not limited to in-house guests only. Outside guests can also enjoy the lavish spread for GMD 750 only.

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