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Buddha of Ocean Bay Reopened!

My Magazine 2023/02
2 min
We've all heard of Little Buddha - the famous restaurant in Dakar. And now, in The Gambia, we have The Buddha - a restaurant serving East Asian and South-East Asian cuisine. A delightful news for Asian cuisine lovers!

The Buddha falls under the category of fine dining, where the experience is of a higher quality and greater formality. Situated on the beach, with great views from the dining room, the atmosphere exudes high class, from the furniture to the beautiful wine-coloured curtains, high-quality glassware and silverware, stemmed water goblets and wine glasses on tables, carefully curated lights, and soft music playing in the background. Ideal for a date night!

High-quality food made with luxurious ingredients and served in unique and beautiful presentations complete the experience. You can choose from Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian. They have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

Prices are on the high side, but you are paying extra for the higher quality of food, the ambience and the highly trained staff. 

Whether it’s a special celebration or a romantic night out, you’ll appreciate the intimate atmosphere, high-level service and unique, high-class food items on the menu.

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