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Bird of the month: Blue-breasted Kingfisher

My Magazine 2023/02
2 min
The Blue-breasted Kingfisher, also known as the Three-toed Kingfisher, is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the family Alcedinidae. It has a distinctive appearance with a bright blue breast and belly, contrasting with its orange-red bill and legs. The back and wings are a rich chestnut-brown, and the tail is a bright blue-green. The head is also blue, with a white spot behind the eye.

The Blue-breasted Kingfisher has a stout body and a large head. It has a short and broad bill that is slightly curved downwards, which is used to catch its prey. Its feet have two toes pointing forwards and two pointing backwards, allowing it to perch on branches and hunt in the water.

This bird typically measures about 22-24 cm in length and weighs around 70-80 grams. Females are slightly smaller than males, but both sexes have the same striking plumage. 

The Blue-breasted Kingfisher is known for its loud and raucous call, a series of cackles and chatters. It also has a distinctive flight pattern, with rapid and shallow wingbeats followed by a glide.

The Kingfisher is a beautiful and unique bird with striking colours and a distinctive call. It is a delight to observe in its natural habitat, where it can be seen perched on branches near water sources or flying over the treetops.

Photos by Mark Goddard


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