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We are independent travel explorers, creating a free online magazine with over 40 articles each month about The Gambia, its people, culture, happenings and places through vibrant colours and captivating videos. With our knowledge and passion for photography and videography, we offer you a virtual connection with The Gambia, guidance before and during your travel and constant assistance to ensure your stay in The Gambia is one of the kinds.

We have created a platform where every provider in the tourism industry can offer their services to the world and every traveller can find their choice, and enhanced it with our personalized customer care and real-time information. By collaborating with accommodation and service providers, we enable travellers to complete their holiday planning under one roof.

Why Travel with My Gambia?

Based in The Gambia

When you choose us, you will feel the benefit of Africa in our blood. Living here and having excellent connections ensures receiving first-hand information.

Service professionals

We are a multicultural and multilingual team of well-trained service professionals providing excellent services and personal expertise to curious travellers.

Continuous assistance

Our seamless one-to-one communication starts from the minute you contact us and continues throughout every aspect of your journey.

Passion and devotion

We breathe and live The Gambia. We treat your travel experience like it's our own and take pride in sharing the beauty of The Gambia with you.

Travel responsible company

We preserve local culture through respect, education, and monetary support while ensuring a meaningful and genuine encounter of authenticity.

Tailor-made experience

Each key element in your personalized travel plan is created based on comfort, character, and, most importantly, your individual travel goals.

Satisfying your needs

We will always go one step further for you to not only make your wish come true but to realize your unrevealed longings.

Dedicated Team 

We are there at each step of your journey. From the first contact to your return home, we are on hand to answer all of your packing and planning questions.

Only tourist online magazine

Deepen your knowledge about your next travel destination through the endless information gathered monthly in our free online tourism magazine.

Who are we?

We are an international, multicultural and multilingual team of individuals living in The Gambia who share many years of experience in the field of tourism, marketing and media production.

82k+ followers

30+ issues of online magazine

75+ partners

420+ videos about The Gambia

What do we do?

Photography & Videography

Online Magazine

Travel Consultancy

Online Booking

Social Media Management

Business Consultancy and Marketing

Photography & Videography

Online Magazine

Travel Consultancy

Online Booking

Social Media Management

Business Consultancy and Marketing

Our partners

With a strong following on social media, we create an influence and highlight trends in the tourism industry. We want to put The Gambia on a world tourism map as a destination, offering a wide range of sights, tastes, sounds and feelings. Our mission is that The Gambia becomes a known whole year-round destination for travellers and people in business.
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