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Trip of the month: Getaway at Bintang

My Magazine 2023/02
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Nature has always been a way to retreat our mind from the stressful everyday and reconnect with ourselves. Weekend getaways in the tranquil environment are becoming more and more popular. One of the hidden gems in The Gambia, perfect for disconnecting from the hectic world, is Bintang Bolong Lodge in Bintang, Foni.

With 2 hours drive from the coastal area, you will reach the lodge, built along the river Gambia. This place is one of the most popular spots for a cosy and relaxing holiday in the arms of nature, with food fresh from nature to nourish your body during your stay. It is surrounded by the peaceful chirping of birds and the serenity of nature.

Already on the early morning way to the Bintang, this place will ensure a detox from the lively and busy life. A small village will greet you with a heartbeat of simple daily life. Just before the road leads to the river, you will meet some strong baobabs, showing you the path to Bintang Bolong Lodge.

Entering through the passage of wooden reception, continuing on a gravelled path in the middle of mangroves embraced with a mixture of fresh and salty water, will lead you to the wooden platform carrying a floating restaurant with a perfect view of the river.

Choose your seating either on the comfortable bamboo sofas or chairs and enjoy every carefully selected detail of wooden carvings, which beautify the deck together with some flower pots, while the friendly staff will serve you a basic but tasty breakfast with coffee or tea.

After dropping your bag at one of the 18 rooms the lodge offers, it is time to explore around or simply unwind and relax.

Even a walk around the lodge on the wooden passages will allow you to spot some of the most colourful and rare birds in The Gambia, as the place is perfect for birdwatching from the land or the river trip. Speaking of which, an hour or two on the river is a must. Enjoy the view of mangroves embracing the river bolongs and maybe spot a crocodile or lizard if lucky. If you enjoy fishing, there is no better place than Bintang. With the guidance of the local fisherman, you will surely catch a fresh catch from the river.

If you want to experience village life, a guided nature walk and visit the village, it is your choice. Try your hand at traditional cooking skills in a regular Gambian household, or get a quick lesson on natural remedies, teas and tinctures. If travelling with a group, you will be able to take part in the cultural night in the village.

You can also rent a bike, a paddleboat or a jeep for two to explore the beautiful environment of Bintang.

The accommodation is basic but neat and clean, with the warm feel of wood and mosquito nets to protect you from unpleasant bites. You can enjoy peace and intimacy with each unit being separated and wooden paths amongst mangroves leading you to your temporary home. If you decide on the deluxe room or bungalow, you will surely enjoy a direct view of the river from the private deck.

Freshly caught seafood, carefully prepared in a simple and delicious combination with vegetables from the local market, daily harvested from the gardens and farms, will be one of the reasons why you will always want to come back. Their Restaurant and Bar is sitting on the shore of the beautiful River Gambia, and it's open from 7 am to midnight. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner and combine it with chilling out in an embrace of nature, catching the sun on the deck or just resting in one of their hammocks or lying chairs.

Bintang Bolong Lodge getaway is an excellent choice for families, groups of friends, couples and solo travellers. Feel the serenity of the River Gambia, unwind at Bintang Bolong Lodge and add flavour to your holiday. Book your getaway with My Gambia!



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