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Invigorating Spa Nested in the Moorish Fantasy

My Magazine 2023/02
7 min
A visit to Coco Ocean Spa is a memorable and delightfully sensual spa experience where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements are restored to a natural balance and harmony.

The only one of its kind in the whole of The Gambia with truly Moroccan architecture - the Moorish arched doorways, high domes, rich colours, arabesque motifs and extraordinarily ornate and complex geometric designs. Wherever you choose to look, your gaze will be rewarded by splashes of bold colours - fuchsias, royal blues and turquoise along with the soothing neutral colours of the desert, such as sand, taupe, beige, and shades of white!

Speaking of colours, you will find quite a few shades of blue around the Spa in the form of chairs, ceramic vases and towels because in Morocco, the colour blue is associated with the absolute and the infinite, and it also embodies tranquillity and peace of mind.

The striking Zellij, the small terra cotta tilework covered in enamel, has been created to form wonderfully intricate patterns, not only on the floors but also on newels placed strategically along the winding stairwell, walls, and hammam tables. It enhances all the bright hues and earthy tones. 

The Moroccan art form does not stop at our architecture. Coco Ocean Resort & Spa incorporated Morocco in its interiors too! From the intricately hand-carved tables with inlaid tile or metalwork designs, high-backed chairs, pouffes and ottomans in whites and turquoise, Moroccan vintage hanging lamps (also called lanterns) made out of stained glass and wrought iron or brass, hand-made Moroccan ceramic vases in shades of blue, green and silver, gilt-edged mirrors - a sight to behold! Anyone coming to the Spa is overwhelmed by its sheer beauty and serene ambience.  

There are ten therapists and 13 treatment rooms available to give you any treatment you require. The length of treatment ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on your needs, services like head massages, manicures, and pedicures can last 30 minutes or longer. Pure Moroccan oils like argan oil and aroma oils are used for the treatments.

Coco Ocean Spa is headed by Touria Bouazza, who hails from Morocco and has been with Coco Ocean for 12 years. Raj Bejan, who has been with Coco Ocean since 2012, is an Indian Reflexologist and therapist with the magic touch.

In addition, the Spa provides Hammam treatments (carried out by special Moroccan therapists) and Sauna treatments. Once you have arrived at the Spa for your treatment, you will be escorted to the Changing Room and given a key for your locker. You will find a bathrobe, disposable slippers and innerwear to use during your treatment. Showers and toilets are in the changing rooms providing ease and privacy to the ladies.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea after your treatment while lounging and relishing the breathtaking sea view and breeze!

Love the pure Moroccan Argan oil, argan soaps and aroma oils? You can purchase them at the Spa at very reasonable prices.

Moroccan apparel is yet another feature at Coco Ocean Spa! 

The Spa is open seven days a week from 9 am to 8 pm to allow their customers to book appointments at their convenience. You can book your treatment with the masseuse of your choice.

Contact My Gambia for more information, to book a therapy or your stay at Coco Ocean Resort & Spa!


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