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Indil Delivery Service

My Magazine 2023/02
3 min
Pick It, Click It, Indil It. #DeliveringConvenience

Indil is the e-commerce shopping and delivery service owned by Indil Gambia Ltd.

Indil is our “delivery platform that makes getting food & products from your favourite local restaurants & stores simply a tap away”.

Indil was designed to connect users with a range of local restaurants & stores, giving consumers an easier, faster, more convenient & better way to shop with over 6500+ items to choose from whilst notifying you every step of the way.

Tired of explaining what you want and where you live? Tired of sitting in traffic to get those last-minute items? Indil has partnered with many of Gambia’s top retailers to bring their products right to your door! 

Need groceries? We got you! Need something that is not on the app yet, text us on Whatsapp or give us a call and we will be on it!

Hungry? We have tons of restaurants on our app and adding many more each day. Order and pay directly from the app! 

The best part? Indil accepts ApplePay, credit cards, and cash! So you there in the UK, USA, or anywhere else in the world can surprise your loved ones with a delicious meal & more from thousands of miles away-all with a click of a button. Download the Indil app today on both Apple & Play Stores. Pick It, Click It, Indil It. #DeliveringConvenience 

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