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Traditional Dish Recipe: Soupa Kanja

My Magazine 2023/02
3 min
A special dish Gambians love is supa kanja, which is prepared with okra as the main ingredient. There are many recipe variations, mainly depending on the ingredients available. Apart from fish, you can add beef meat and various green leaves or cook it without it. The recipe we prepared for you contains okra, jute leaves, and fish, but feel free to improvise and find your best combination of ingredients.


  • okra
  • palm oil
  • jute leaves (kren kren)
  • Locust beans
  • bitter tomatoes
  • spring onions 
  • hot pepper
  • green pepper
  • smoked fish
  • dried fish
  • catfish 
  • salt to taste
  • Seasoning cube to taste (or a mix of African spices)



Put water to boil and cut the jute leaves to add them to the water once it's boiling. 

Pound (or blend) green pepper, hot pepper, locust beans and spring onions. Add the pounded paste to the pot. Add bitter tomato and dried fish. 

Slice okra and pound (blend) it, and once pounded finely, add it to the pot with the rest of the ingredients cooking. 

In the meantime, remove bones from the smoked fish and clean the catfish before adding it to the pot. 

Lastly, add salt, seasoning cube and palm oil and let it cook for a few more minutes while stirring from time to time. 

Serve supa kanja sauce with the rice, and enjoy!

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