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My Magazine 2023/02
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Phenomenal Women turned one on the 23rd of January, 2023. To celebrate this significant milestone and show her appreciation to her outstanding members, the Phenomenal lady, Mrs Fatou Njie, held a little Cocktail Party at their premises on Friday, the 17th of February.

The ladies had a fun evening dancing, chatting, bonding and snacking on the healthy food (hummus, veggie sticks, guacamole, Lebanese dips, fresh fruit and fresh local juices) put together by Mrs Njie and her team. 

Those of you who have never stepped inside Phenomenal Women are missing an opportunity to experience something incredible. This is the only gym in The Gambia where the women come together. There's a fully equipped gym, fitness classes, a room where your tots are attended to while you get fit, shower rooms, lockers, a salon, a massage room, a nail spa, and local skin care products and sportswear available for sale. 

Ladies, it's time you devoted some time to yourself by joining Phenomenal Women - the excellent support network for women by a woman!

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women is a women’s centre that focuses on your fitness, nutrition, and care. They intend to offer all women, but especially mature women,...
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