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Creating a magical world: Harmony

My Magazine 2022/10
6 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
"The world is in harmony only when man and nature are in harmony.” The importance of this statement by the well-known German poet Roswitha Bloch, can be seen in the developments over the last few years, especially in the western world. The more people lose harmony with nature, the more society is lost and unbalanced and thus the world too.

The last two years in particular have clearly shown us how people in the western world have forgotten how to deal naturally with the challenges and demands of everyday life. The search for security and control, the fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable, have all marked the behaviour of our society, plunging the world into unmanageable chaos. For over a year now, we have been able to learn from IN∙US here in the Gambia that there are also other possibilities, attitudes and ways of thinking about how to shape one’s life and thus one’s everyday life. The unknown has therefore become our home, and we are allowed to enjoy the adventure of the new as pioneers here in the Gambia. As project developers, we make new experiences every day and learn enormously. This makes it much easier for us to deal with this chaotic world situation.


One of these experiences is precisely to understand the importance of harmony theory and to apply it at least for oneself and one's environment, thereby eliminating chaos for oneself and one's personal environment. This realisation led me to a Feng Shui training. With the extensive knowledge of Chinese harmony theory, we can additionally significantly improve the sustainability of our project developments and real estate planning and create a completely new offer in the Gambia. From our point of view, one's own home and the personal living space, are the 3rd skin of the human being. Besides the natural skin and clothing, the rooms are the third level that surrounds you and therefore it is important to pay attention to their design.

Especially in today’s times of upheaval, change, chaos and transformation, stress, pressure and strain have often become a permanent condition in particular in the professional world and among successful people. The result is an emotional, mental and often physical state of exhaustion caused by repeated stress. The increased concentration of stress hormones speeds up the heartbeat and raises blood pressure. High blood pressure has serious effects on a person's mental and physical health. This makes it all the more important to look for and create places where one can relax and unwind after a stressful day to restore one’s inner balance. Your own flat is the perfect place for this!

Place of strength

Your home should give you strength and security, it should give you the energy for your everyday life. Your own home is a place of retreat, but also a place where you welcome people you like to surround yourself with. Living harmoniously, having more energy, expressing one's own personality, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests - your own home can do all this. The more conscious you are about the design of your personal living space, the more positive and targeted the effect of your home can be.

The different areas of life are assigned to specific regions in the home. The energy flow should be harmonised within these regions of the home so that it can have a positive effect on your life. Sometimes you just need peace and quiet, then you need to create spaces that have a calming effect on you. But at other times you need stimulation and energy to get back into a state where you feel good.


The energy you invest in creating and harmonising your own environment will have an impact on yourself and positively change your whole outlook on life. A harmonious environment can do a lot to create a feeling of harmony with yourself. Beautiful living also has something to do with respect for yourself and the respect you show to your guests. Actually it is a process that takes place both in yourself and in your own home through the appropriate design.

The five elements wood, fire, metal, water and earth are derived directly from nature and therefore each find their place in the design concept. From their abstract properties, conclusions are drawn about the relationships between earth, people and sky, and their combination creates an ideal oasis of well-being in which people can recharge.

Our IN∙US projects ("The Edge" at Kasumai) correspond exactly to these planning principles of Feng Shui and thus create the basis for a successful implementation of the more detailed interior design. We let the Qi flow in our designs, consciously direct it through the individual spaces indoors as well as outdoors and thus give the residents of our projects more energy for the day. We consider our living spaces to be the third skin of the human being and therefore make sure that people feel comfortable in them so that their mental and physical health is supported. Therefore, you too should pay attention to your surroundings and choose your home carefully!

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

The Gambia offers a great range of fresh fruit juices. There are not only delicious, freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juices available, but also very exotic and special fruits grow here that have positive effects on your health, which hardly anyone from the outside knows about. The healthiest fruit in the world is native to the Gambia and it's a dream to be able to taste its fresh juice. Kaba resembles tamarind, looks like a big, shrivelled ping-pong ball and has a yellow pulp with small black seeds. For the juice, the seeds of the fruit, which contain a lot of vitamin B and folic acid, are soaked in water, Many people know and love cashew nuts, but hardly anyone knows that they are actually not nuts at all, but seeds, and they grow at the end of the cashew apple. This yellow or red, pear-like fruit is also suitable for making a healthy, exciting juice. Especially popular in the Gambia is the sweet, sugary, yet slightly acidic juice from the wild fruit sedem. The sedem leaves are also used as a remedy by the locals. The taste of the heart-shaped spiky fruit is often described as resembling juicy fruit jelly made of banana, pineapple and papaya. The intensely spicy-tasting juice from the delicious white flesh of the guanabana is also traditionally used to treat stomach upsets and fevers. The ditakh season begins in early July and lasts until the end of October. The green juice from the peel of the dark green drupe is also said to have immune-strengthening effects. In the Gambia, the white baobab juice, which is obtained from the dried pulp of the oval, berry-like baobab fruit with a hard skin, is very well known. Baobab is also considered a remedy in many ways and is especially popular for relieving abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Now we have gained a brief insight into the variety of exotic fruits in the Gambia and the delicious juices made from them we can use to create harmony in our bodies. These natural, fresh fruit drinks have a unique effect on body, soul and spirit and often help to eliminate our vitamin deficiencies. Enjoy them and get into a healthy inner balance through the effect of the fresh juices from the Gambia.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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