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Dear readers,

Welcome to our October Issue of My Magazine.

This one is an important one. Not only because we turned two years old with this month's issue but also because My Magazine got a young sibling – MY GAMBIA BOOKING PLATFORM. We could not be happier that My Gambia is growing and is now able to provide even more information, ideas and choice on how to spend your time in The Gambia, as this is our mission. Bringing The Gambia close to you and letting the whole world know it is not just about the sand, sea and sun but about so many more things; above all, people.

Enjoy our second-anniversary issue while reading about our story and the birth of the booking platform, the interview with more-than-interesting  Simon of Netpage, read about the story of the first chocolate made in The Gambia and the reason for it, meet crazily energetic and fresh band 2ONE2 and enjoy the monthly columns of our authors Angelica and Meli.

Top of the month this month is Chakry, Ginger Juice, Turaco Bird, Getaway in Kafuta, Artemesia and Banjul Beach.

We explored new and known places for you. The first hotel in The Gambia, Assaraya Atlantic Hotel in Banjul, all three restaurants of Coco Ocean Resort & Spa, beautiful beach bar and restaurant, Playa del Sol, famous Kunta Kinteh Island and Kotu Craft Market.

We gathered some useful recommendations on what to pack when travelling to The Gambia and what you should know if you are coming to The Gambia for the first time. Learn about Doctor Shoe and his handmade leather shoes, see the images of the life of fishermen, check out one of our favourite street foods, panket, get to know traditional techniques of tie&dyeing, and learn about useful daily hacks. We also did some shopping – this time in Ezone Electronics.

In the chapter My charity, read Nika's story of travelling as a volunteer, Smile for Life turtle protection project, and Supportive Activists Foundation – SAF.

Don't miss the chapter In Focus. We write about the company offering business consultancy, our trip to Senegal, starting of the school year at the new BISG school, latest afternoon party by Brunch& and the best solution for avoiding to carry all your holiday cash in your wallet.

Enjoy reading, listening and watching.

We invite you to check our booking platform, browse through accommodations, and check all ideas for trips and activities. This is only the beginning. Soon, you will be able to check out all about your favourite restaurants, services and events. Basically, find everything under one roof.

It's time to travel. It's time to experience The real Gambia.

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Did you enjoy this article? Share it with friends
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