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Gambian Resourcefulness: Cooking

My Magazine 2022/10
6 min
We share an insight into the Gambian lifestyle and resourcefulness during scarcity and inconvenience with you again. We feel it might be interesting for you to know a hack or two more or not to be surprised if you see those hacks being used regularly during your long-term or short-term stay in the country.

Blending the ingredients

Most women in The Gambia prepare a large amount of food for a big family, which makes it inconvenient to blend ingredients in a blender. Also, most women don't know or want to use the blender since the mortar and pestle have always been the tool for blending ingredients. The mortar and pestle size depends on the number of people and the quantity of food.

Washing the pot

When cooking, a pot might get burned, especially when cooking with charcoal or firewood. You need an iron scrub. If you don't have it, you can use sand and mango leaves to scrub. Sand is excellent for scrubbing, and mango leaves are tough; they can withstand pressure. Use mango leaves or any stiff leaves to hold sand mixed with powder detergent and scrub.

Clay on pot

Many Gambians use charcoal or firewood, which makes the outsides of the cooking pot black, which can be very complicated to wash. This is why we rub clay at the back of pots to protect it from the smoke. How to do it? Almost every home has mud inside the compound or outside the gate. Once we find a spot with clay mud, we pour water over it until it's soft. After mixing it, it is time to rub it all over the outside area of the pot. After this, little sand is sprinkled to keep it together and put under the sun to dry. After cooking, the mud from the back of the pot simply needs to be washed with water and powder detergent.

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