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Tune In: 2ONE2

My Magazine 2022/10
15 min
What began as a journey to return to the roots became the source of establishing a mind-blowing trio giving birth to 2ONE2. 2ONE2 consist of three young men from the United States, Atlanta, Georgia. The three members are KR, the rapper and trombone player; Uncle Les, the saxophone player and producer; and last but not least, Sleep The Poet, the trumpet player and poet.

To them, music didn't seem like a choice, but it was what they felt they ought to do. It all started on an angry day when each of them was upset about how they couldn't express themselves in music school. It felt right to form the trio when they met at a studio.


˝We felt like there was nothing that says we couldn't start a band. So when it came time for the name, we were looking at the calendar for rehearsal, and the date we were looking at was 212, so we were, yeah, that's the name for the band.˝

- Uncle Les

Their inspiration comes from some of the greatest singers, like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and others. They take pride in creating their music, from composition to performance. Playing songs from the 90s, fusing hip hop with other genres of music, rapping, singing to the audience, and giving poems are just unique. To them, no one does it the way they do it. This makes them stand out from other bands. 

˝If I were to call it (the genre of music) something, I would say hip hop fusion˝.

- The Sleep

The reaction of the Gambian audience has been positive, and people are amazed by their performance in all the shows they have had in the Gambia so far. The energy they give out in their performance comes from a place of understanding. They make the audience connect to every emotion and mood in the songs.

They focus on pushing their careers to heights and making every music lover listen to them.

Along with their music career, they are running a beach restaurant on Brufut Heights Beach, dubbed Serengeti Beach. They have common hobbies and spend quite some time together.

˝Making money is our main hobby, but when we find the time, we play video games; I play chess, and KR gets us in the gym all the time to go on vacation˝.

- The Sleep

The boys definitely have bigger dreams for their careers, and you can see that they are working towards a big goal in the future. They give music a different feel, and their performance gets you rocking in your seat.

˝In the next five years, someone got to give me a grammy for our music, something in the American and African culture˝.

- KR

The interview with the boys was very interactive; they ended by sending their messages to the world.

˝Your thoughts in your head matter more than anything in the world, so be very mindful about how you move, who you talk to and how you spend your time˝.

- KR

˝I believe that all of us were born on this planet to do something great, and it's our duty and mission to share that with the rest of the world. I live my life to inspire you guys to do the same thing. If I can do what I love, you can do it too˝.

- Uncle Les

˝My message is to buckle up and get ready. If you wake up, ate today, and got breath in your lung, then you are winning, so move like a winner. If you are looking for 2ONE2, buckle up because IT'S TIME!

- The Sleep

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