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Trip of the month: Getaway in Kafuta Village

My Magazine 2022/10
2 min
Let us take you on an authentic journey in the middle of a small village called Kafuta. Reconnect with nature as you get to know the real Gambia. Feel the hospitality of the people as you spend your stay at Good Vibes Eco Lodge and engage in activities that will allow you to see and explore villages, local life, nature and wildlife.

Good Vibes Eco Lodge

This petite authentic lodge in the middle of the bush boasts hospitality and the resourcefulness of nature. Stay in one of the three guesthouses: One Love, Baah (meaning sea in Mandinka) or The Roots and taste the simplicity of village life. The hospitality of the Touray family will surely make an impression on you.

Village Tour

Explore the village, meet the locals and learn about their daily lives and local culture. On the walking tour, you will visit a traditional family compound, learn how to make Attaya tea and enjoy drinking it while hearing about village life. You are welcome to ask questions!

Your next stop on tour will be the primary school. Tour the facilities, meet with some teachers and students, and even have a short Mandinka lesson!

Try out your new Mandinka skills as you continue your tour through the village and meet different people along the way. Visit a village tailor, stop in a local shop, see the marketplace if the timing is right, and make any stops of interest along the way.

Boat Ride

The boat ride will start from the riverside beach, just 70 meters from Good Vibes. Breathe in the fresh sea air as you are paddled down the river. See the mangroves, beautiful birds and maybe even a crocodile or two!
Make your way to a neighbouring village where you will have a chance to get out of the boat, stretch your legs and explore a bit.
After the visit, you will head back to Good Vibes and enjoy local juice, coffee/tea, and a homemade dessert.
This boat ride is perfect for bird watchers, nature lovers, and those that seek peace on the waters.

Bush Walk

Let us take you on a magical bush walk. Feel the energy of this special land we call home. Hear about the ancient rituals that have taken place here as you journey through mangroves by the riverside and the lush jungle.
When you reach one of our favourite enormous Cotton Silk Trees, you will sit for a cup of bush tea. Listen to a magical tale from days of old that involves mystical creatures and events that happened right where you visit.
From there, you will visit the Bee Man and the forest he protects. You will see birds, monkeys and other wildlife along the way.
Finally, you will return to Good Vibes for local juice and a bush snack.

Bush life is nice! Come, experience it! Send an inquiry, and let us take care of the rest.


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