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Don't carry all your holiday money in wallet. Use APS

My Magazine 2022/10
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Most places in The Gambia still operate solely on cash payments. But it can be really frustrating to travel with all the budget for your holidays in your wallet. Also, it is very hard to estimate how much you would actually spend. APS Holiday Cash (POS) service is tailored for people planning their holidays in The Gambia as it allows you to send money to yourself while on holiday.

APS provides money transfer services to The Gambia and other African countries from 18 European countries and US.

The procedure is effortless. Go to the APS website or APS: MONEY TRANSFER app, select money pick-up service (or send money), select the amount and create the reference number which you will use to collect the money in any of the chosen branches in The Gambia. You can choose to transfer money to APS from your bank account over the phone or pay with your credit or debit card with POS service in the APS branch in The Gambia.

And what if you don't have an internet connection?

Do not worry. The solution is just one phone call away. Call +44739 512 7926 / +44 790 405 8180 or +44752 386 0866, and APS friendly customer service will create your transaction reference for you to receive your money instantly regardless of anywhere you are in the Gambia.

You can pay using your Debit or Credit Card for the following currencies: Great British Pound, EURO, US Dollar, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, and Danish Krone.

This service is perfect for all travelling to The Gambia for holidays, either visiting families and relatives, on a business trip, or for tourism.

Don't let your holidays get disrupted when you run out of cash and when you cannot access money from anywhere—no need to call your friends or family to send you money anymore. You can simply send money to yourself.

The best thing about it is unlimited cash withdrawal, reasonable exchange rates and money transfer charges.

By visiting the nearest APS Branch, you will get all the information you need and enjoy your time in The Gambia to the fullest.


APS: MONEY TRANSFER mobile application makes things even more accessible. You can use any APS service, such as Nduga, Money Transfer, Bank Deposit Service, Cash Power and Mobile Credit Top-Up. You can download the new app on Play Store or App Store, register and start using a wide range of services. Follow three simple steps. Enter the amount, add the recipient and send money. With MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), you can collect cash at 18 APS branch offices in The Gambia.

Don’t miss special promotion till the end of October and send money to The Gambia through new APS app with no extra charges!

APS International

APS International Ltd is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries offering FAST, RELIABLE,...
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