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Weather in October

My Magazine 2022/10
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The rainy season is slowly ending in October, so you can expect some rain showers but also high temperatures and a lot of sunshine.

With the average temperature of 28°C and maximums at 31°C, you need to take care of the sun protection since the UV index is considered extreme. If you don't like cold water, you will be pleasantly surprised to enjoy sea temperatures up to 29°C, making it perfect for swimming and enjoying watersports for more extended periods without the unpleasant feeling of cold. At night, temperatures would drop to 23°C indicating, the weather is slowly turning to Gambian wintertime.

The chances of rain and humidity levels are decreasing throughout the month, with the peak humidity of 100 % at the beginning of the month and the lowest value of 74 % at the end of the month. The same goes for the rainfall, which decreases from 90 mm at the beginning of the month to 13 mm at the end. On average, you can expect around ten rainy days in the month.

The day is 12 hours long, bringing almost 10 hours of sunshine, so you will have enough time to enjoy all your daily activities in the sun, accompanied by a light breeze, especially if you are staying in the coastal area of The Gambia.

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