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Brunch& Day Party

My Magazine 2022/10
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Do you ever wish to spend your Sunday enjoying flavorful food from all over the world, displayed in a persuasive setting while chatting with like-minded individuals, holding a glass of chic cocktail while unobtrusively grooving to the rhytms of RNB and afrobeats? Keep on reading.

Brunch& is a brand created by four professionals, each holding their expertise, as they join together with the aim to create a networking space for the professionals in various areas of businesses through two-days events combining team-building activity and brunch in a posh environment of Plass-Bi, the best fine dining place in The Gambia.

Since Oli, Ismaila, Robin and Mo united strengths to present to the world thematic weekend events combining adventure with top-end brunching, they received nothing but great response and demand for more.

As masterminds are planning the next highly anticipated event, Brunch&Amazin' Race 3.0, Brunch&Day Parties at Plass-Bi never cease to amaze with the selection of dishes, the presentation and the all-over ambience.

Get ready for the last Brunch& event this year, which will be ampler, finer and more unforgettable than each before! Although we should not spill any detail of the always-too-tense team competition adventure, we share some glimpses of the latest Day Party at Plass-Bi with you.


The dry season is coming…


Fun two-day networking events to meet great people and eat amazing food in the Smiling Coast of The Gambia...
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Our sleek setting will cater for all your needs, transporting our customers to a world filled with amazing food, drinks & vibes. Join us for lunch, di...
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