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How is My Gambia booking different from others?

My Magazine 2022/10
3 min
An online reservation platform with an online monthly magazine created in The Gambia for Gambian tourism might not be a unique and innovative idea. Yet, it is undoubtedly the only Gambian-based platform covering all the needs and information for visitors of The Smiling Coast of Africa.

You might wonder how we will compete with world-known online booking providers and how our platform differs from others.

Here is how...

We are based in The Gambia
When you choose us, you will feel the benefit of Africa in our blood. Living here and having excellent connections ensures receiving first-hand information directly from The Gambia. We are proud to say that The Gambia is our home, and being based here is our strongest tool that will benefit all our guests.

The only platform of its kind
Our free monthly online magazine produced in The Gambia will deepen your knowledge about your next travel destination through the endless information gathered. Monthly magazine publication gives us many opportunities to be informed about everything that is happening and has been offered on the market. Our guests and followers will undoubtedly benefit from real-time information directly from The Gambia.

A step back into the future
Our reservation system is manual. You can't just click and make a reservation because we want to talk to you before you decide. Planning a journey is always connected to certain expectations, and we would like to ensure that you will get enough information before booking, so there are fewer chances for disappointment. We believe that customer care, communication with guests and providing first-hand information are becoming more and more valuable compared to an impersonal approach, flawed and inauthentic information and automatic responses.

Service professionals
We are a multicultural and multilingual team of well-trained service professionals who provide curious travellers with excellent service and personal expertise. All our members have many years of experience in tourism, hospitality, and business management. You will be in good hands with us.

Continuous assistance
Our seamless one-on-one communication starts from the moment you contact us and continues through every aspect of your trip. We believe that support in a country you may not have visited before is precious, and we are here to support you and help you have an amazing experience.

Passion and devotion
We breathe and live in The Gambia. We treat your travel experience as our own and are proud to share its beauty with you. You will be able to feel our passion and dedication to this small country from the very first meeting. We can't say everything is ideal, but we love The Gambia.

Travel responsible company
We preserve local culture through respect, education, and monetary support while ensuring a meaningful and genuine encounter of authenticity. Our responsible programs are designed to grow, develop and be fair to all involved. It is our personal duty to ensure the social benefits of tourism and to have a positive impact on the environment, people, and country.

Tailor-made experience
Each key element in your personalised travel plan is created based on comfort, character, and, most importantly, your individual travel goals. We consider this key in developing modern tourism products that improve each guest’s experience and globally influence the continent's image, stereotypes, and prejudices.

Satisfying your needs
We will always go one step further for you to not only make your wish come true but to realise your unrevealed longings. We understand that many of you have never visited the African continent. Therefore, we are ready to devote extra time to finding what you really want and need.

Dedicated Team
We are there at each step of your journey. From the first contact to your return home, we are on hand to answer all of your packing and planning questions. You can count on us as your personal assistant in the country. The whole team is here for all your wishes, needs and questions.

Thinking of coming to The Gambia? Let us assist you.


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