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Meet birdwatching guide Suleyman

My Magazine 2022/10
3 min
Sulayman Jabang is a man with a passion for nature and animals, especially birds. Born and raised Gunjurian with an educational background in technical school has always felt interested in birdlife. Gunjur Kombo South District, as one of the most environmentally aware regions of The Gambia, made it easier for him to follow his desire to become a professional birdwatching guide.

He is currently working with the Government Department of Parks and Wildlife Management. Sulayman had to undergo various training where he gained a lot of experience and knowledge concerning wildlife. Today, he is an expert in knowing birds, terrestrial and marine mammals, trees, butterflies, moths, and more.

And what made him follow this path? He says it was his wish to become an experienced guide to be able to share his knowledge and interest with all bird lovers throughout the world.

When asking about his favourite bird species, we get an immediate answer, listing Diederik cuckoo, Honeyguide, Sunbird, Turaco, Hoppoe and Kingfisher as his golden selection. Their colours, habitats, habits, and melodious calls are why those species have a special place in his heart.

Knowing every corner of his birdwatching territory, he knows well where to find the most exotic species as well. They hide in various places, but the best way to spot them is in lagoons, open woodland savannah and old mining quarries. Knowing this, he can offer a unique experience to bird lovers, whether they know exactly which species they want to spot or whether being random observers. Under suitable conditions, Sulayman can indicate and expose more than 50 different species in a good hour of a guided tour.

The average group size for the birdwatching trip is five people, and there are some safety measures Sulayman puts in place for his birdwatching clients. Birdwatchers should protect themselves with covered shoes, protective clothing, head cover, sun cream and enough drinking water in their backpack. There are also rules for the colour scheme of the clothes where one should avoid wearing white or yellow, sticking to natural colours to create camouflage. To ensure better observation experience, binoculars, telescopes and cameras are always a good choice. But the most crucial factor of all is time.

However, no matter how beautiful birdlife is, there are many threats to it, ranging from hunting certain species for different purposes. Still, the foremost degradation of their natural habitat is one of the main concerns.

We Recommend

Did you know there are over 550 species of bird seen in The Gambia?! And thanks to Sulayman (the most passionate and knowledgeable birder in the country), we saw 63 different species in just 4 hours!!

Gunjur has magnificent biodiversity, from lagoons, mangroves and savannah, to forests and beaches... it truly is a paradise for birds! If you're in The Gambia, THIS IS A MUST!

We absolutely loved it and recommend it to everyone!!

- Growing Green Communities Environmental conservation organisation



We have known Suleyman since we started to collaborate with CETAG, where he is mainly responsible for the Turtle protection project.

He has more than 20 years of experience in bird and marine animal life. Sulayman is a humble, friendly, kind and highly knowledgeable guide who is always willing to learn.

Choosing him as your guide will not only guarantee you to have an amazing day in nature but also enable him to turn his passion into a chance to add to his earnings.

- My Gambia, your personal assistant in The Gambia


If you want a unique birdwatching experience, contact MY GAMBIA  or call Suleyman at +2203434118.

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