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Behind the lens: Life of fishermen

My Magazine 2022/10
1 min
Fishing plays an important role in the economy of The Gambia. Visiting coastal settlements like Tanji, Bakau, Barra, Sanyang, and Gunjur, you will hardly miss colourful fishing boats on the shore. There are three different types of fishing known in The Gambia. “Filla Turné” is referred to for fishing with a bigger boat with thick, big nets and a considerable fishing crew. “Saii ma” describes fishing with a medium-sized boat with lighter nets. “Gerteh terr” is a fishing method using hooks and smaller vessels.

When fishermen come from fishing, the shores come to life and turn into a vivid market where fishermen would sell the fish they caught and share the money among themselves, giving the captain a bigger share. Part of the catch would be given to a housewife of the residents to prepare a meal for them. This cultural practice is called “Ndawal”.

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