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Drink of the month: Ginger Juice

My Magazine 2022/10
3 min
Coming to The Gambia, a must-taste are a few of the popular juices made of natural local ingredients with the addition of a fair amount of sugar. Together with wonjo, baobab, tamarind, and ditakh juice, ginger juice is one of the most popular. Because of its intense sensation, it is slightly more popular with the male population. However, it carries many health benefits.

It helps in losing weight, controlling the appetite, fighting colds and viruses, fixing stomach aches, controlling blood pressure and sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties while being rich with antioxidants.

Like the other juices mentioned above, you can find it with street sellers but easily make it at home as well.

It is a common beverage at important events, like traditional wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and birthday parties and can also be used as medicine.

To prepare ginger juice, you will need ginger root, sugar, flavoured essence, vanilla sugar and ginger powder juice, which is optional.

Wash ginger and cut it into pieces. The next step is to blend or pound it. Traditionally this is done in the mortar, but you can simply put it in a blender with a small amount of water and let it do its magic. When blended, it needs to be strained to separate the liquid from the paste. Add water and the rest of the ingredients and mix until dissolved. Cool it down, and ginger juice is ready for drinking. You can add the amount of sugar to the taste - you can also skip the flavour essence and powder juice and keep it as natural as possible.

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