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Smile for Life turtle protection project

My Magazine 2022/10
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Turtle protection project - Smile For Life The Gambia, based in Sanyang village Kombo South District is running a bycatch program with the fishermen of Sanyang.

All fishermen in Sanyang are registered with Smile For Life. If they catch a turtle, they inform them so they can give the turtle a second chance for life.

Through community outreach, education, by-catch programs, beach patrols and running two turtle hatcheries, Smile For Life Gambia aims to protect sea turtles. SFLG works with local communities to create awareness of the important role turtles have in the ecosystem and the threats they are facing and work on solutions to mitigate them. In order to do so, we need all hands on deck to make a difference!

Their aim is also to ensure that no matter what the future will bring on their way, they expand their impact – implement new strategies, engage more partners, and, most importantly, protect more turtles.

Know more and support

Please check Smile for Life's social pages and website for more information about their activities and sponsorship possibilities.

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