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Behind the Lens: Sinchu

My Magazine 2023/01
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Nestled in the southern reaches of The Gambia lies the quaint community of Sinchu Wellingara, a small yet vibrant settlement steeped in tradition and cultural richness. This close-knit village, home to just nine families, is predominantly inhabited by the Fulani people, known for their enduring traditions and pastoral lifestyle.

At the heart of Sinchu Wellingara lies a way of life deeply rooted in the customs of cattle herding, a time-honoured practice integral to the Fulani identity. Here, amidst the serene landscape, one can witness the pastoral scenes of cattle grazing and the diligent care the villagers give to their herds.

Central to the village's social fabric is the village square shaded by a majestic cotton silk tree, where villagers gather to converse, share stories, and engage in communal decision-making.

In recent years, a significant milestone for the village has been the establishment of a nursery school, a testament to their dedication to education and progression. This development marks a new chapter, providing the younger generation access to foundational learning within their community.

Culinary delights in Sinchu Wellingara offer a taste of tradition, notably the cherished dish, "cherreh." This couscous-like preparation, crafted from meticulously pounded millet grains, embodies the essence of their culinary heritage. Embracing their pastoral lifestyle, dairy products take precedence, with fresh and sour milk as household staples.

The community proudly upholds age-old customs, evident in their intricate gum tattoos, traditional attire, and vibrant celebrations that encapsulate their cultural pride.

Sinchu Wellingara stands as a testament to the resilience of tradition in an ever-evolving world. This village, with its charm and steadfast adherence to customs, offers a window into the enduring cultural legacy of The Gambia's Fulani community.

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