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MY BUDGET: All-Day Dining in Senegambia for GMD220

My Magazine 2024/01
1 min
As we step into the new year, we're thrilled to bring you a brand-new series that promises to be your guide to affordable yet delightful experiences in The Gambia.

In this innovative series, we're set to be your guide to all things affordable and fantastic in The Gambia. Whether you're on the lookout for delectable dining options, cozy accommodations, reliable rent-a-car services, or the ultimate spots for savouring local cuisine – "My Budget" has got you covered.

In our inaugural episode, prepare to be amazed as we demonstrate how you can enjoy three delightful meals a day with just GMD220! Yes, you read that right – affordable, scrumptious meals that are kind to your pocket. Unbelievable, isn't it?

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, exploring the best of what The Gambia has to offer on a budget. Get ready for a series filled with amazing finds, delightful surprises, and a whole lot of savings!

On our lookout for dining places on a budget, we visited the places listed below. Bon Appetit!


  • The local restaurant at Senegambia Tourist Taxi Garage selling bread with various fillings for the price of D40 for a half loaf and D80 for a full loaf.
  • Ladies behind Senegambia Craft Market selling cherreh (millet pasta) with various sauces. The price for dine-in is D50 per plate and for takeaway, D60. 
  • The lady at the Craft market selling porridge for D20.


  • Minaz Tasty Food on the Senegambia New Road where you can dine-in for D100 and take-away for D110. 
  • Kadi Kadi on the same road, where they sell plates for the same price. 
  • Ladies behind Craft Market (who were not there on the day) but normally sell a plate of mbahal for D50. 
  • Lady on Poco Loco street, selling local dishes for D75 a plate. 


  • Molgam's Restaurant around the Senegambia Junction, where you can have local dishes for D75.
  • Saye's Restaurant nearby with fewer choices and a price of D75 per plate. 
  • The lady opposite Time Inn, with various choices of food, where we had our mbahal for D60.

Want to be part of a challenge?

Do you own a business, or are you part of the hospitality industry? Our challenges will feature various topics, so get in touch with us to be a part of our new series!


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Foreword: Embracing New Beginnings
RECIPE: Bissap (Side Sauce)
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Foreword: Embracing New Beginnings
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