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Bojang River Lodge introducing The Mangrove Restaurant

My Magazine 2024/01
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Bojang River Lodge, nestled in Cape Point's oceanfront, stands as a newer gem in hospitality, curated by Madam Amanda Bojang and her husband, Lamin Bojang. Gradually shaping their vision, the lodge offers an expansive ground catering to every visitor's holiday needs. Tracking their progress since 2019, we're delighted to unveil their latest addition, The Mangrove – a restaurant.

Among the lodge's 9 rooms and 4 apartments is the heart-shaped adult pool with a unique pool bar nestled within and a smaller, similarly shaped kids' pool. Meandering toward the beach, passages interconnect various bantabas (gazebos), offering tranquil shade and relaxation.

Adorned in blue, a symbolic hue alongside green and orange at Bojang River Lodge, the Mangrove Restaurant now stands in splendour. Notably, a water tank at the building's forefront houses a live crocodile, mirroring the lodge's logo.

Stepping into the restaurant reveals meticulously chosen furniture echoing the lodge's colours. The centrally located bar seamlessly connects to the spacious kitchen, brimming with new culinary creations.

The menu harmonizes international flavours with an African essence. On the opening day, January 9th, we savoured a first taste: chicken wings, popcorn fish, calamari bites, beef stir-fry, sweet potato fries, and potato salad. Undoubtedly, a hit! The restaurant also offers a wide selection of drinks, featuring a state-of-the-art coffee-to-go machine, a rare find in The Gambia.

Amanda and Lamin have once again demonstrated their expertise and seamless blend of backgrounds, embodying flawless hospitality at its core. The restaurant greets guests daily, from 10 am to 12 am, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the kitchen operating from 10 am to 10 pm. Visit them and relish the welcoming atmosphere created by their amiable team, working together as one large extended family.

Bojang River Lodge

Bojang River Lodge is owned by Lamin and Amanda Bojang. Lamin comes from one of the founding families of Bakau and this has always been something he ...
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