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A Trip You Should Not Miss In January 2024

My Magazine 2024/01
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If you're coming to The Gambia around the third week of January for a holiday that includes a cultural experience, then you're in luck because we have organised a trip that covers everything from exploring the inland of The Gambia, wildlife, the life of different ethnic groups, their traditions and culture, and participating in various activities to get first-hand experience of your own. This might be the trip of your life, so don't miss it!

KANKURANG FESTIVAL 2024 from 26.01.2024 to 28.01.2024 | 3 DAYS

The Kankurang Festival showcases the unique cultural expression of the Kankurang and other masking traditions of West Africa and takes place in January every year in Janjanbureh, The Gambia. The main purpose behind the festival is to attract more and more visitors who would like to experience an intangible authentic cultural heritage. Today, the festival has become an inherent part of the country's cultural calendar.

It is a Mandinka tradition and an integral part of the rite of passage of young boys. The Kankurang is a protective spirit and guarantor of order that shields the boys as they learn about cultural practices, social norms and the environment. The town of Janjanbureh is widely seen as the birthplace of the Kankurang, which was listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

With its unique cultural heritage, history and rich biodiversity, Janjanbureh offers excellent experiences for tourists. The Kankurang Festival is an important cornerstone for this destination while preserving its cultural heritage on the island.

The trip includes a visit to the following areas -

  • The village of Njau, where you will participate in making the famous rice pudding/porridge, which is commonly prepared for breakfast.
  • Wassu, where you can see the Gambian Stonehenge, 11 megalithic circular stone structures. The city became a national monument in 1995, and in 2006, it was added to the UNESCO list of natural and cultural heritage.
  • Kuntaur, from where you will take a boat trip on the Gambia River to spot the hippopotamus, colourful birds and different types of monkeys. If you're lucky, you will also be able to observe chimpanzees, which are part of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, living on two of the three islands on the river.
  • The historic village of Janjabureh, where the Kankurang festival will take place.
  • The Jola community of Ndemban, where interesting activities await you, like watching how the local bread is made, helping the women water their vegetable garden, and observing oyster collectors prepare oysters for sale and accumulate shells for cement or building materials.

Still not sure? Check out the itinerary below and see what we are preparing for you:

Price per person: GMD17,950 (confirmed departure)

The price for a three-day program includes transportation, accommodation (2 nights), breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (2), tips, entrance fees, boat trip, city tour, festival ticket, guidance, and community contributions.

Start broadening your horizons about the masking traditions already here:

We are joining two beloved products in one – responsible community-based travel through The Ninki Nanka Trail and the cultural bonanza of the Kankurang Festival. Three days and two nights of feeling freedom, joy and togetherness through the celebration of mystical traditions is waiting for you!

Book your spot now! Spaces are limited.

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