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NWLB Creative Team Shines at The Trade Fair

My Magazine 2024/01
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The No Woman Left Behind (NWLB) Project's second phase, launched in April 2023 by the Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia (ITTOG) in collaboration with AETHNIC of Barcelona, Spain, represents a significant step towards empowering Gambian women. In partnership with the Catalan Agency for Cooperation and Development, this initiative encourages entrepreneurship among women facing unique vulnerabilities.

The core objective was to impart business skills and offer personalized mentoring to help establish small, self-managed businesses. Most participants have previously undergone training and qualification at ITTOG to produce local products tailored to the responsible tourism market.

This endeavour was pivotal in transforming these women into entrepreneurs, instilling managerial skills, and reducing prevalent gender inequalities. Participants were chosen based on motivation and enthusiasm, engaging in their learning journey and formulating their business initiatives.

ITTOG, overseeing the project within its Access Business Centre programs, structured it to include a comprehensive training regimen focused on honing business skills. Additionally, a personalized mentoring and coaching training program was designed to facilitate the establishment of small, self-managed businesses.

This phase of NWLB signifies a commitment to empower these women economically and foster an environment where they can thrive as entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to the broader goals of gender equality and sustainable community development.

The conclusion of the Second Phase of the NWLB Project marked a significant milestone as the empowered participants had the opportunity to apply their newly acquired business skills by operating stalls funded by ITTOG at the 5th Edition of GWCC/GYCC Trade Fair held in December 2023.

This hands-on experience gave them a platform to showcase their skills, products, and entrepreneurial acumen to a wider audience. The Trade Fair setting allowed them to interact with potential customers, understand market dynamics, and gain valuable insights into the day-to-day aspects of managing a business.

As these women continue to navigate the business landscape, their experiences at the Trade Fair will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for their future endeavours. The NWLB project, with its practical approach and commitment to empowering women, stands as a beacon for encouraging economic independence and gender equality within the Gambian community.

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