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WORKSHOP: A Day With A Gambian Choir

My Magazine 2024/01
2 min
Journey with us to spend a day with a Gambian Catholic Choir and prepare to be amazed by their angelic voices! The church is inundated with hymns that transcend cultures and continents and are usually accompanied by fantastic dance moves and the enchanting rhythmic sound of the African drum.

It is a day where the culture of the people occupies centre stage, making it different even for regular churchgoers, hence ushering everyone into a state of peace and serenity. Here, you will be offered the chance to observe and realize some differences between church life in the Gambia and other parts of the world.

Some choir members will welcome you before the service and escort you to your reserved seats beside the Choir so you can connect easily with them during the service. Please believe us when we say it will be an experience to remember! You will wonder if you are actually attending a church service or even be tempted to question if you are in a Christian church.

The choir members sing from the depths of their hearts and move rhythmically to the beats of the drum carefully crafted by the call and answer (if you know what that means) of its young and highly talented drummers throughout the service.

The end of the church service will signify the beginning of your fantastic day with the Gambian Choir. You will be able to meet the priest, church elders and other service attendees. You can also touch and feel the drums used during the service. Don't forget to taste the local Manjago or Karoninka food, which will be served after the service.

Next, the Choir, dressed in traditional attire, will entertain you with selected songs and cross-cultural dance moves. Be prepared to be challenged to a dance by a member of the Choir. You will enjoy it more if you join the dancing rather than just watch from the sidelines. The drummers join in with their catchy beats, making it impossible to stay seated. The guy with the two drums responds to every call made by the lead drummer(with the stick) or the guy with the tallest drum who gives bass to the rhythm. As you watch, you will feel the urge to try the drums, and it won't be long before you are invited to try the African drum.

Your experience with the Gambian Choir will be unique. Activities can be customized as per your requirements. If you are a pianist, guitarist or singer and would like to join the Choir or try your hand at drumming, we can arrange it for you.




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