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Kombo Beach Hotel Reopened!

My Magazine 2024/01
22 min
It finally happened. The "old lady," as Mr Malleh fondly calls it, has awakened from its coma and shines in all its glory. Kombo Beach Hotel, one of The Gambia's most famous and largest hotels, has reopened to welcome visitors, this time with a fresh concept inviting families to the Djeliba Leisure Group hotel chain. We had the honour of being the first to speak with Mr Malleh, discussing the emotions stirred by the opening and touching on future plans.

It's been five challenging months without rest, driven by an eager desire and determination to introduce the new Kombo, aiming to be the number one family resort in the subregion.

My Gambia proudly participated in the renovation process, continually astounded every time we stepped onto the construction site. The team, comprised of workers from The Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the Netherlands, and other countries, dedicatedly contributed to the renovations, evident in the daily changes. Despite doubts about the hotel's opening during the peak tourist season, Mr. Malleh, Mr. Omar, and the team showcased their determination and passion for the hotel industry. Their fusion of African taste with contemporary modern designs, combined with various pools seamlessly integrated into the facility's area, once again left us impressed.

Kombo Beach Hotel is now poised to be the premier family hotel in The Gambia and the sub-region. Featuring the only slides in The Gambia, along with kids', toddlers', and adult pools, it's set to attract not only international visitors but also domestic and subregional tourists, following the implementation idea initiated in Djeliba Leisure Group post-Covid.

As this article goes live, the first of four blocks, providing 258 rooms with perfect views, is already hosting visitors from Europe and Senegal. The comfortable, tastefully selected furniture, with beautiful terraces allowing enjoyment of the weather and oceanfront ambience, coupled with modern and elegant furnishings that cater not only to couples but also to businesspeople, is a jewel on the Smiling Coast. Future stages will also offer interconnected rooms for families.

Kombo isn't just about layout and facilities; it's about an entertainment program tailored for families. It's the go-to destination from family brunches to kids' buffets, entertainment, animation, and the promise of member cards for Gambian families.

My Gambia expresses gratitude for the trust bestowed upon us and the privilege of being part of the development process and extends best wishes to Kombo Beach Resort, Djeliba Leisure Group, Mr Omar, and Mr Malleh for a successful journey and their new addition to the chain.

Holidays in Kombo?

Are you ready to experience the best that The Gambia has to offer? Book your holidays in the Kombo Beach Hotel with My Gambia!


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