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The Importance of Culture at SBEC International School

My Magazine 2024/01
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The Cultural Day is a highly significant tradition at SBEC International School as it promotes cultural appreciation, global awareness, inclusivity, heritage preservation, and provides a form of academic enrichment for students.

The students and staff at SBEC International School look forward to this day as it celebrates cultural diversity and collective heritage. It allows students, parents and staff to showcase and share their beautiful and diverse cultures, ethnic groups, and nationalities present at the school.

As an International school in The Gambia, the school enrols students from various ethnic groups. These include the Mandinka, Fulani, Sarahuleh, Wolof, Jola, Serer, Manjago and the Aku. However, the school also accommodates students from various parts of the world, including the United States of America, Europe, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone, amongst others.

For the Cultural Day celebration, parents, students, and staff come to school in apparel representing their respective cultures. The display of traditional outfits is just one aspect of this day! In addition, dancing and cuisine from around the world help to overcome cultural barriers and foster communication between people of diverse backgrounds.

Mr. Momodou Colley, the Head of SBEC High School, considers The Cultural Day to be an event where one can represent his or her people and also have the opportunity to witness and learn about other cultures. He says, "This is important because it symbolizes peace and harmony between people with different backgrounds. We must create a space where students are comfortable showing aspects of their cultures, and that's exactly what SBEC Cultural Day is all about."

Mrs Yassin Ndure, Head of the ECD, speaking on behalf of the Director of SBEC at The Cultural Day 2023/2024, said that this day is an important event for the entire SBEC family. She added that the event was first introduced to highlight outstanding personalities and traditional backgrounds and continues to impact the cultural legacy of SBEC International School significantly.

Mrs. Yassin Ndure highlighted the school's vision as the leading institution in shaping world changers. She emphasised that "Being a World Changer goes beyond excelling in exams or being able to read ten books in a month. It goes beyond giving the best speech in a crowd of a thousand people or being the country's best football or basketball player. Being a World Changer includes character development, personality development, self-love, and valuing the origins from which each of us came."

Finally, SBEC International School has shown us that learning goes beyond the classroom. This cultural event is a practical history and geography lesson showcasing the origins of various traditional values. It is a valuable language lesson, showing us thousands of languages worldwide. It is also a practical science lesson because it makes us understand the behaviour of people from different cultures.

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