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Creating a Magical World - Luxury

My Magazine 2024/01
4 min
Author: Angelika Mitterer
In a world of consumerism and glamour, concepts such as luxury are undergoing a fundamental transformation. The new luxury is no longer characterised by sparkling surfaces and glamorous facades. Instead, it is characterised by the values of freedom, peace and connectedness, imbued with abundant love and adventure. This shift brings a deeper, more fulfilling dimension to our pursuit of prosperity.

The word "luxury" comes from Latin and originates from "luxuria". The meaning of "luxuria" in Latin was initially "abundance" or "waste". Over time, however, the meaning of the word has evolved, and today, "luxury" is generally used to describe something that is considered particularly pleasant, high quality or expensive. Luxury often refers to superior comfort, elegance, stylish design or other features that are considered particularly desirable.

The modern meaning of luxury can vary from person to person, as it is strongly influenced by individual preferences, cultural influences and social trends. Today, in the era of global change, we can clearly observe that the term "luxury" is changing and redefining itself as a new kind of luxury. Nowadays, the meaning of luxury focuses more on values such as freedom, peace, happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment, love, health and adventure. It represents an attitude to life rather than describing material goods.

The Gilded Cage

Amid this change, it is becoming clear that many people live in gilded cages despite their material wealth. Money alone does not always offer the freedom and fulfilment many long for. The pressure to maintain and increase one's wealth can become an invisible shackle. This realisation underlines that true happiness and prosperity lie in the intangible aspects of life - health, emotional well-being and the freedom to live authentically. The gilded cage reminds us that the real joy of life and wealth can be found in the simple pleasures of life and interpersonal relationships.

True freedom begins in the depths of our thoughts. It is about breaking the shackles of societal expectations and self-imposed restrictions. The new luxury lies in living self-love, being authentic, recognising yourself and having the courage to pursue your dreams. Boundaries only exist in our heads. Freedom extends beyond physical space and manifests itself in the ability to shape life according to our own standards. We can recognise our creative power and the magic of our thoughts and use them in our daily lives.

The Beauty of Life

Prosperity is no longer defined exclusively by material wealth. The new luxury lies in the ability to appreciate the beauty of life in its simplest forms. It is expressed in the relationships we cultivate, the inspiring communities we live in, the experiences we gain and the love we give and receive. If we're surrounded by these values, we will be able to experience a deep feeling of contentment that transcends the glamour of possessions.

We at IN·US have recognised that what is perceived as a life of luxury has changed and has followed this transformation. With our work and our projects, we offer our customers an easy way to bring the values of this new kind of luxury into their lives. Together with us, people immerse themselves in the warm rays of the African sun, in the heart and magic of The Gambia. Here, amidst the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscape, this new kind of luxury is not only discussed but lived. The Gambia, a country rich in natural beauty and warm hospitality, offers fertile ground for the values of inner wealth.

The Harmony of Outer and Inner Wealth

The construction projects "The Edge" at Kasumai and the "Bitcoin Tower K2" by IN·US epitomise the values of this new luxury in material terms and in the context of inner wealth. These outstanding projects are not only characterised by their stability due to their impressive construction quality but also focus on sustainability and the use of natural building materials that represent an intimate connection with nature. People's health is at the heart of these visionary projects, integrating innovative concepts such as the Samina sleep system and Odem for frequency harmonisation.

IN·US pursues a comprehensive approach that goes beyond financial concerns and takes ecological and social aspects into account. The construction projects become sustainable investments that are not only economically profitable but also assume ecological and social responsibility. At the heart of these projects are always the people who come together in an inspiring community and create a lively, positive atmosphere. IN·US projects not only promise high returns in the traditional sense but also a return on well-being, community and a harmonious balance between people and nature.

On our journey to discover this new luxury, we realise it is not born in a place but in people's hearts. It is time we set out to find the true luxury in our own life experiences - in the freedom of our thoughts, the love in our relationships and the adventures waiting to be discovered. In this journey, we may realise that the new luxury is not just a destination but the journey itself.

My Insider Tip in The Gambia for the Month!

Behind the artistically squiggled door of a historic African building is a charming staircase leading to an outstanding hideaway. This hidden treasure uniquely reflects the colours and atmosphere of enchanting The Gambia. The richly decorated suites and studios are true masterpieces, as are the exciting garden terraces with an idyllic outdoor dining area, the oriental bar and the splendidly designed lounge. A whole new dimension of luxury in The Gambia is visible here. The expansive Rooftop Hotel invites you to enjoy lively, sunny mornings, relaxed afternoons and sensual African evenings that blend into a unique experience of relaxation.

Amidst this opulent backdrop, the transformation of the concept of luxury is reflected. Traditional glamour is replaced by authentic, local elements that offer visual richness and create a deeper connection to The Gambia and its rich culture. Today's luxury goes beyond external splendour and is characterised by a meaningful connection to the environment, the community and individual needs. It is not just a place of affluence but an experience that touches the soul and brings a sense of inner fulfilment.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is a change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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