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Yusupha Natural Products Y.N.P.

My Magazine 2023/01
6 min
We met Yusupha Darboe at the LUMO market organized by MyFarm Africa Startup in December 2020. He was selling various natural products at his stand. He was very talkative, and we were impressed with his dedication to evolving his business, so we encouraged him for interview with us.

He told us his business journey started by cooking spices using his Danish friend's recipe. She always brought him spices when visiting The Gambia, so he wanted to return the favour and gift her something to take back home.

His business grew, and now he buys various products from local farmers, packs them neatly, and sells them at the local market near Serrekunda.

He has recently received a smoothie maker and is now making fresh fruit smoothies with natural herbs such as moringa powder. He made us one, and it was delicious. He is well aware that Gambians may need more time to be ready for products such as smoothies but are slowly realizing the importance of a healthy diet.

Nowadays, his stand offers moringa seeds, moringa tea, coconut ginger cake, baobab powder, wonjo powder, moringa oil, lemongrass tea, hot pepper sauce, netehtu, and many more natural and healthy products.

He plans on opening a bigger shop in the future to sell all the products he makes on his farm.

If you buy his products, you are directly supporting him and his dreams. Who knows, you might even change his story and life altogether.

We invited Yusupha to our Christmas Bazaar, organized by My Gambia, in collaboration with the YOSH restaurant. Yusupha managed to sell the entire stock of his best product – Coconut Ginger Cake. With his kindness and excellent salesman skills, Yusupha managed to spark an interest in an international school's management, and they offered him a collaboration. Yusupha had since been offering his smoothies at international school to over 1200 schoolchildren.

Follow Yusupha

Contact Yusupha if you would like to buy natural products or enjoy a fresh smoothie.

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