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Tune In: Mercy & Sunday

My Magazine 2023/01
9 min
In the January edition of My Magazine, we host Mercy and Sunday, a musical duo, which we caught performing in one of the favourite's restaurants in The Gambia on the Christmas day dinner. Mercy enchanted us with her gentle voice and Sunday complemented her melody beautifully. We decided to invite them for interview to know more about their music path.

Mercy is a Liberian based in The Gambia, studying journalism and making live music. Sunday is from Nigeria, grew up in Mali and is now based in The Gambia. He is a musician, guitar player, songwriter, musical coach, and teacher as well.

Sunday's venturing into music started at church and continued when realising he had a big passion for it. Music is something that he has loved doing since he was a child, and he grew up making it.

Mercy explains it all started with her mum at home and church. She was one of the youngest in the choir, and she couldn't stop singing because of her love for music. That has been her number-one inspiration since day one.

Sunday and Mercy met at Choosan with the help of Mercy's friend, who was also working with Sunday's band. She said Sunday was so kind and welcoming to her. He even wanted her to sing on that very day and took her as part of his team at that very moment. Since then, they have been working as a team, and collaboration has been going on for more than one year now.

Sunday's source of inspiration is his guitar, which gives him any rhythm he wants to play. When he composes a song, it gives him the melody he wants and the song he wants to sing. Many people compliment them when they sing, and others call them for gigs - as they say, it has been going well so far.

Sunday said his hobby outside the music world is teaching, yet he loves teaching with the help of music in school, as it makes everything easily understandable. Mercy is practising journalism, specialising as an entertainment journalist, which also focuses a lot on music.

They are hoping to have a single soon. Mercy dreams of having at least a single or an album in the next five years with Sunday or his guidance. How they respect each other's talent and love for music is undeniable and can be felt afar. Sunday dreams of playing in concerts and festivals like other great musicians in the next five years. He stated that his fantasies about music are not only to be here, but he also wants to be out there.

They concluded the interview by encouraging the viewers to support and push each other forward. Everybody needs somebody. By working collectively, we will all achieve our goals.

Contact Mercy and Sunday

Reach out to Mercy on +220 351 0714

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