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Bloopers of the 2022

My Magazine 2023/01
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The last year flew by so fast that we did not even take our time to notice stepping into another year, which we believe will be filled with outstanding achievements, wonderful creations for all types of travellers and joy in creating unforgettable travel memories.

The year 2022 of My Gambia Team was groundbreaking as we finally achieved our wish and desire from day one. ‘To offer an online booking platform to all who are considering travelling to The Gambia but are taking a step back due to the lack of information online or the possibility to read about, know the offer and book their choice before the travel in The Gambia.

And why would somebody, in fact, choose The Gambia as their next travel destination? Apart from an endless list of reasons we wrote about before, The Gambia will certainly not leave you with blunt feelings. There is something magical in this mysterious country, where nothing seems to function accordingly, but all makes perfect sense at the end of the day. It doesn't even matter if lunch is one hour later than agreed, as you learn to take your life less seriously and concentrate on the truly important things, like people around you, connecting with them and endless smiles. People are the ones making this country so welcoming.

And we want to be here for you, to show you how we see The Gambia. To find a perfect fit for you, to guide you wherever you want to go and tell you where you should go once we learn about your travel style and things that you find interesting. We are your personal travel assistant in The Gambia. We will share all information with you, answer all your questions and be available to you throughout your travel to make you feel comfortable knowing you will always have somebody you can turn to for advice, suggestion or help. This way, even solo adventuristic exploration is more pleasant as you can get tips on how to go around, who to meet at which location for guidance and which places are worth seeing. And why are we different? Because with us, there are no automatic answers. We speak to you one-on-one and always offer a chance for a call or online meeting. When contacting us, you will always reach someone passionate about The Gambia who cares about your experience here. You will talk to a person, not a robot.

Yes, the passionate team; this is who My Gambia is. Be it when running around exploring new places, brainstorming about new possibilities to bring The Gambia closer to eager travellers, partnering up with like-minded companies and individuals or creating our cherished magazine.

We often end up laughing as things would not go smoothly. Be an accidental fall into the flowerpot, mixing up the script or the sun that ruins the perfect lighting. Sometimes we spend most of our time with cameras capturing moments. We want to share some with you:

In the year 2023, we wish you endless smiles and meaningful travels. We are here if you are ready to experience such in The Gambia.

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