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Traditional Dish Recipe: Chura Gherte

My Magazine 2023/01
3 min
Chura Gherte can be translated as groundnut and rice porridge. It is a local Gambian dish commonly served for breakfast or dinner. It can be similar to oatmeal, but it is thicker with a slightly nutty taste.


  • rice
  • groundnuts (peanuts) or groundnut powder
  • salt
  • sugar
  • sour milk or condensed milk (Optional)


Clean the rice and groundnuts (remove the husk, wash and dry if needed).

With a mortar and pestle, pound the groundnut and rice until it is finely ground. You can also buy groundnut powder, pound only rice, and then mix it together. When the texture is soft and slightly oily, remove it from the mortar and put it in the clean bowl.

Bringing water to a boil in a big cooking pot. Add the groundnut and rice mixture to the boiling water. Allow it to cook for 20 minutes while stirring continuously. Reduce heat.

Large steam bubbles should rise from the bottom of the pot from time to time.

When Churaa is cooked, the mixture becomes thick. Sometimes a layer of oil can be seen on top. Serve the dish in a bowl and allow it to cool a little. Add sugar and milk (sour or condensed) for extra taste. You can also eat it plain.  

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