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Weather in January

My Magazine 2023/01
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January is yet another winter month in The Gambia. But this doesn't mean cold—just the opposite. Maximum temperatures can still reach above 30°C although nights can get cold, with the minimum at 18°C. So, don't forget to bring long sleeves and ask if a blanket is available at your accommodation place.

There can be up to 1 rainy day in some parts of the Gambia, but usually, you won't be lucky enough to see a single drop.

You can enjoy fresh evening and morning air with the temperature drop throughout the night. Also, the average humidity is still dropping, so you will sweat only in the middle of the day when the sun stills get very hot, especially in direct sunlight. Remember to bring your sunscreen, because it is still very dangerous to get sunburned. Also, you should always have a bottle of water with you.

The temperature of the seawater starts to drop to an average of 22°C, which is still very enjoyable. But be aware of the waves since coastal areas can be pretty windy. In combination with the strong Atlantic currents, staying in the shallow waters is safer.

If you are planning to visit The Gambia, January is a perfect month. Average temperatures are around 25°C. You will still get enough of the sun, up to 10 hours per day of a total of 11,5 hours of daylight, usually accompanied by the refreshing breeze from the sea.

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