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New stock in the new shop. TukTuk Gambia

My Magazine 2022/03
1 min
This month, TukTuk Gambia is opening doors to the new shop in Kotu, coming from Manjaj petrol station towards Kotu Police station before the TukTuk Garage. 

Check the new location here.

In the new office, you will be able to meet the consultants in person and get any advice you need to start your business in no time. 


TukTuk Gambia is a company that provides the following:

  •  Public transportation
  •  Sales and rental of TukTuk and motorbikes
  •  Finance of Tuk Tuk
  •  Spare parts and mechanic
  •  Training of drivers


TukTuk Gambia always makes sure to offer a suitable solution for fast transportation option. From this month on, they will be adding another favoured product in West Africa, the motorcycle Bajaj CT 125. 

Make your inquiry and secure your investment. 

To know more about the TukTuk Gambia and variable options for investment, click here


TukTuk Gambia is a company that provides public transportation, sales and rentals of TukTuk and motorbikes, finance of Tuk Tuk, spare parts and mechan...
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