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Meaningful travel to The Gambia

My Magazine 2022/03
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Do you still remember the time when we didn’t have to wonder if tourist destinations are open to tourists but only when did we wanted to go on vacation?

The time when we were able to spend hours in the coffee shop chatting with our friends and celebrate a birthday party with family and friends without fearing each other? The time when socialising was not a problem? 


Living and working in The Gambia have been pretty much like described above. For most of the time during the pandemic, we had the freedom to be humans and live lives as we deserved it. 


The positive change in the tourism industry is certainly that people have started seeking meaningful holidays. Meaningful in a way that travellers want to step back in time, come closer to nature, experience an authentic way of life, listen to stories of people, and have retreats for body and mind. 

We offer programs where you can learn a lot about yourself and Gambian culture, daily life, tribes, history, and customs. It is a way of educating, experiencing, and connecting with locals in different areas of life. We encourage and promote this way of travelling because it is not only making a change to visitors of The Gambia but also the people who they meet and loved ones when they return. 

 What kind of opportunities do we offer? 

Since 2013, we have been welcoming volunteers and students from all over the world with an aim for knowledge, culture, and experience exchange. Travellers decide to spend time, money, and knowledge to volunteer in different areas, such as local nurseries, photography, hospital, physiotherapy, media production, and more.      

When you come to the Gambia as a volunteer, volunteering is just one aspect of your journey and discovering the smiling coast. A big part of your experience of this small but culturally rich country is visiting natural and cultural sights. Our coordinator Amet Faal is in charge of this part. He will be your friendly and reliable guide to selected adventures that are part of our sustainable and community-based tourism.


If you are among those who are thinking of doing something different this year, then this is the time to do it! If you are an explorer, traveller, person who want to discover new countries, culture, music, fashion, cuisine, daily life, history in a unique way, then the Travel as Volunteer program is for you. 


Do you have to pay your own expenses of travelling, living and food? 

Yes! You must pay all your expenses. All our funds are spent on locals and communities. We also only employ Gambians. 

Where to start?

If you really want to travel as a volunteer to The Gambia, then send an e-mail to


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