King's & Queen's on Senegambia stage

My Magazine 2022/03
2 min
Kings and Queens is a fresh and fun-loving new show in The Gambia, exploding with heart-pounding music, breathtaking emotion, and magnificently dancing and acrobatics.

The tantalising dance sequences and brand-new choreography come alive on stage, making the show a truly extraordinary live experience.

The thrilling show is brought to life by a fresh team who bring energy, vitality and passion to this ultimate musical show.

Showcasing live band, singers, dancers, and acrobatics, it is certainly a night to remember and will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Located in the heart of the Senegambia Strip, at Sofa-Nyama Centre Stage, it now offers the show and buffet dinner with an array of food selections.

Ticket Price:

  • Adults with buffet D1300
  • Children with buffet D1100
  • Adults Show only D750
  • Children D550

All tickets for the buffet must be reserved before the show day; bookings can be made online or visit Sofa-Nyama restaurant.

Tickets sold on the night, for show only, there will be an A La Carte menu available.

Call Now to make any enquiries or to reserve tickets, 205 3971.


King's & Queen's

A new African musical phenomenon! A new creation for The Gambia. Bringing you a production of singing and dancing to an outdoor stage, with soulful an...
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