Enter as strangers, leave as friends

My Magazine 2022/03
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Located on Atlantic Boulevard, Bakau, this rustic roadside African themed restaurant proudly states that “may all who enter as strangers leave as Friends’... and indeed, its casual approach, local down to earth friendliness with good food and regular live local bands, leaves a homely impression on you.

Friends Bar & Restaurant was born after Amanda Bojang, Lamin Bojang, and Essa Jawneh took over the former Sweden Corner in May 2016. They have known each other since 2014, and when the opportunity came up, they just decided to make it work. The logo represents the 3 of them, and they wanted everyone to feel welcome and by the end of their visit not to feel like strangers but friends.

Amanda and Lamin Bojang have made an effort to represent The Gambia in their restaurant, highlighting the Smiling coast theme, brimming with friendliness. With a wide menu choice of food, freshly prepared with cheerful service, you cannot go wrong with Friends Bar & Restaurant, especially if you like good live music and want a local experience.

Their exhaustive menu will leave you spoilt for choice. Grilled Barracuda and delicious prawns are highlights – but every plate brings aromas that can instigate your appetite. We had a delightful Tuna Salad as a starter, with Noodles and some local chicken Afra. It was super delicious.

Their menu can be accessed online.

Outdoor casual dining spot offers an unbeatable local vibe with live music on Mondays with 5 Star band and Thursdays with Manding Marbale Kora Band bringing in a carnival ambience – and very soon the mood is uplifted with guests dancing and grooving to the excellent music. A truly rich local experience.

Do you need a place to celebrate your birthday anniversary or have a group Sunday brunch with your family and friends? They can help you to organize it just the way you like it.

Friends Bar & Restaurant is next to African Village Hotel opposite NAWEC in the heart of Bakau and just a short drive to the Golf Course at Fajara.

‘Welcome may all who enter as strangers leave as Friends’


Friends Bar & Restaurant

Friends Bar & Restaurant is next to Africa Village Hotel opposite NAWEC in the heart of Bakau and just a short drive to the Golf Course at Fajara. We ...
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