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Crochet is a passed on skill in The Gambia, given to the next generations from mothers, grandmothers, aunts or any other relatives and also from teachers to their students in school. Crochet is a process of creating things using two basic materials: a yarn that varies in size and colour and a hook that comes in different sizes and lengths.

The hook can be plastic, metal, aluminium or wooden. Tools such as scissors, measuring tape, needles and thread help in the process of making designs. Some of the most common products made from crochet are bags, clothes, shoes, scarfs, caps, blankets, headbands, different accessories, yet, with creativity added to it, there is little limit of what else can be done by this technique.

Isata, a young Gambian who is a crochet designer, started her crochet business in 2021. She learnt crocheting from her mother, and she further improved her talent by watching YouTube videos. Her first design was a bag, and from there, she started to concentrate on different clothing designs for men and women. Isata gets all her materials from the Gambia, mainly the Serrekunda market.

The crochet business has helped Isata financially. It enables her to take care of her mom, siblings, and herself. She promotes her business on Instagram, where she advertises her work through photos of the products and attracts new clients with different orders.

Isata hopes to see her Crochet business grow bigger; she aims for a big shop where she can employ people to create different creative designs.

Being on a journey of discovering new skills herself, Isata encourages everyone to never give up on their talent.

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