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Lebanese cuisine with tradition and passion

My Magazine 2022/03
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Shiraz Restaurant has been mentioned to us by many people who know that we love food and have an online platform for promoting everything connected to tourism. We have been planning to visit Shiraz since 2020. Finally, we did in November 2021, and we didn’t regret it.

First of all, it is really easy to find the restaurant. It is located at Palma Rima junction, on your left when you bend down from any direction, either left from the Turntable or right from the traffic lights. It is just opposite Palma Rima Hotel. Parking is available in front of the restaurant. If you come by taxi, we are pretty sure they will know the restaurant.

Shiraz restaurant has been offering authentic Lebanese food for the past 20 years! Open only for dinners, they are very well known among locals, expats and also visitors that keep returning to The Gambia. The majority of the staff working there have been with them since the beginning, and this alone tells you a lot about the management.

The outdoor area has a simple yet comfortable seating area in warm colours surrounded by plants, while the inside setting offers a romantic atmosphere. Lights, candles, flowers, and a quiet place is perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner. However, they also host many private parties and special occasion celebrations for companies and individuals.

While the restaurant is almost always packed, their catering service for outside events, weddings and takeaways for larger groups is the strongest part of their business. Delicious, freshly prepared, reasonable priced and very nicely decorated food plates largely attract food lovers.


Their pride is a wide selection of mezzas. Actually, they are mostly known for that. You can choose between cold, hot and special mezzas. The list of choices is really long. And if you don’t know what to choose, we suggest you order special mezzas packages, where you get a better deal, and they make a mix for you.

You will also find Lebanese delicacy, seafood corner and charcoal grills. If you have a special dish in your mind and you can’t find it on the menu, simply contact the restaurant and they will make it for you. Making their customers happy is the number one priority.


Are you vegan, vegetarian or have another special diet? This is a place for you! Lebanese food doesn’t deliberate when it comes to favouring meat or veggies, it strikes a perfect balance between the two. There are many vegetarian and vegan choices in Lebanese cuisine, which can be eaten alone or with some delicious meats on the side. Fatoosh, tabouleh, labneh mtaquameh, hommus, baba ghannuj, bazinghen meckley, falafel, foul, etc. are just a few of the delicious vegetarian dishes that are synonymous with Lebanese culture.



If you haven’t come across Lebanese food yet, you are truly missing out. Lebanese food is a rare kind of cuisine that is both delicious and healthy. Traditional Lebanese traditions have snuck their way into modern food culture across the entire world. It’s one of the most wholesome, satisfying cuisines out there to cook and eat. 


The heart of flavour in Lebanese food is spice. The spices used in traditional Lebanese cuisine make it truly irresistible – from the well-rounded flavours of za’atar and baharat to the tang of sumac, through to the freshness of mint and the sweetness of cardamom.


Every one of the spices plays a vital role in creating that authentic Lebanese taste. Add this to a deluge of core ingredients like chickpeas, lamb, fresh veggies, grilled cheeses and fried sojok and you have some amazingly tasty food.


What did we taste?

Cold Mezza

Fatoush (tomatoes, sweet pepper, cabbage, mint, cucumbers, toasted bread, mixed with olive oil and lime juice) 

Baba Ghannuj (baked aubergine blended in sesame oil paste and lime juice served with delicate olive oil) 

Hot Mezza 

Sojok (fried Armenian lamb sausages with herbs, hot spices, garlic, mint & lime juice) 

Batata Harra (cooked potatoes with onions, coriander & spices)  

Chicken Harra (Chicken sautéed with vegetables and grenadine molasse)  

Karaydis Biltoom (shrimps in hot garlic, coriander & lemon)  

Bazinghen Meckley (fried aubergine, topped with garlic & lemon)  

Kelage (grilled Lebanese bread filled with cheese & herbs)  

Kebbe Meckley (minced meat with cracked wheat, stuffed with onions and minced meat, fried in spicy oil)  


3 special orders 

Warak Enab (stuffed vine leaves with lamb & rice) 

Fatti (toasted Lebanese bread topped with aubergines, yoghurt and pine nuts) 

Chef Special Mixed Grills (beef kebab, fish kebab, chicken kebab, kafta kebab)   

And in the end, we tasted fresh, sweet, and delicious desserts from Whisk n Bake. Their variety of desserts and cakes are filled with amazing deliciousness! Themed cakes, cupcakes and a variety of other sweet treats can be ordered. They cater for individuals and companies (hotels).   

Drop by Shiraz for dine-in or call them to order a takeaway if you desire different yet delicious food. We guarantee you will love everything.


Shiraz Restaurant

Authentic Lebanese cuisine with a friendly atmosphere and very welcoming. Come and enjoy the Mezza Delights...
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Whisk n Bake

Our variety of cakes are filled with amazing deliciousness! Our goal is to pop all your senses with every sweet bite! No order is too big or too small...
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