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Is Gambia open for tourism?

My Magazine 2022/03
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This is a frequently asked question on the many world travel forums and groups. Having lived in The Gambia, while the world of tourism looked bleak with closures and restrictions, The Gambia has consistently attempted to welcome guests and tourists alike.

In March 2020, when all the tourists and even many expats left The Gambia in a few weeks, nobody knew what the future held for all of us.

The first three to four months after the announcement of the world pandemic, The Gambia was unrecognizable. Accommodation places, bars and restaurants were closed, beaches were completely empty of tourists, people were terrified like in all other countries around the world.

But very soon after that, people, especially those who haven't been directly involved in the tourism industry, had no choice but to start working and making a living. The government worked hard to educate people on social distancing and implement healthy measures in all areas of life.

In tourism, we have seen that there has been a constant endeavour to encourage safe arrivals into The Gambia. Following all the necessary precautions of requesting vaccination certificates or RT-PCR tests, advising of wearing masks, sanitising hands and social distancing, The Gambia has opened for tourism for high-season 2020/21, and since then, we are welcoming tourists and visitors.

With many airlines were making cancellations, The Gambia, in our opinion, has been able to ensure that scheduled flights and charters have been made feel welcome to The Gambia.

While many tourists were unable to travel due to home-based restrictions rather than destination-based ones, a sizeable and noticeable group of arrivals were overseas Gambians and regional tourists from nearby countries who found that The Gambia has so much to offer.

With the government of The Gambia sensibly relaxing the requirements of pre-flight testing for fully vaccinated inbound passengers coming from most countries and recommending case by case testing on arrival if required has helped a number of guests make decisions to travel to the Smiling Coast. For non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals from most countries, a negative PCR test report valid within 72hrs for entry into the country is required. Passengers from countries considered as the hotspot for the Delta or Omicron variant must, in addition, undergo a Rapid Diagnostic Test at the Airport upon arrival. The list of such countries is periodically updated.

However, if any individual shows signs or symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, they will be required to undergo Rapid Diagnostic Test for COVID-19 at the airport.  

Always check for the latest updates and requirements on the Ministry of Health's The Gambia website.  

If you are looking for a holiday destination, we invite you to choose The Gambia.

It is an all-year-round destination, and it is suitable for all types of travellers whether you are looking for a family vacation, volunteer expedition, honeymoon destination, yoga retreat, wildlife spotting, bird watching, or luxury getaway look no further – The Gambia has it all.

Book your ticket now.   

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