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Gambian Sounds: Morr Wally

My Magazine 2022/03
9 min
Born and raised in Senegal, Morr Wally is a Senegalese musician temporarily based in The Gambia. He is a promising artist who began singing in April 2017. Morr Wally says it was his fate to become a singer.

He had other dreams and aspirations growing up, so he had never thought of becoming a singer. His biggest inspiration is the superstar of Senegal, Wally Seck. He sings cover music with his live band and has only recorded and released one original song. Regardless, he is also working on other projects, soon to be released in The Gambia.

He has always been a big fan of Wally Seck and knows how to sing all his songs perfectly. He also shares a similar appearance to the superstar, and one can hardly distinguish their voices. These were the reasons why people started calling him Morr Wally. However, his real name is Morr Mbaye.

˝Wally Seck is my idol, and I can say my biggest inspiration in music.˝

He came to The Gambia in 2020 to do a show but later signed many contracts, which made him and his team stay in The Gambia. To him, music has no boundary. You can be a native of a particular country but become a superstar in another country. He also praises Gambians for their warm hearts and support for him ever since he started his career here. He describes The Gambia as a special nation with great people.

Every musician has that particular person they admire and want to work with. Morr, on the other hand, hopes that he can work with every musician in The Gambia, Senegal and the world.

˝I love and respect all artists, and I want to work with everyone when the opportunity arises.˝

Morr Wally performs at different restaurants and hotels in The Gambia. Every Saturday, he performs at Poco Loco from 9 p.m. to midnight. From midnight onwards, you can listen to his golden voice at the Senegambia strip in Choosan. He also performs there every Wednesday. Every Friday you can find him at Baobab hotel from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.

He also performs in big music events in The Gambia, private events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays or parties.

He wishes to reach out to all his fans in different ways and entertain them to the fullest.

Giving his closing remarks in the interview, he encourages people to support his music and promises to do his best to bring quality work to the people.

˝I am a youth who just started, and when a young person starts working in this field, we always need support from people. I have the talent, I have the vigour and also the passion. So I hope to gain your full support whether you are a Gambian, Senegalese, or any other nation. Thank you˝.

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